Now available through LGDA, peace of mind and savings.  These are the result of LGDA’s newest program, Electronic Check Conversion.  Although the use of debit cards is growing rapidly, checks remain one of the most preferred methods of payment.  Checks are also becoming a major source of business losses.  Let this program put your mind at ease…and make your job easier…

LGDA has teamed up with CrossCheck, Inc. to offer you this fabulous service.

How does it work?

  • Consumer presents check to cashier.
  • Cashier inserts check into the EnCheck 3000 checkreader which reads the magnetic ink character line (MICR) at the bottom.
  • The check data is sent to the service provider for verification and conversion. Verification involves checking the provider’s databse for “negatives”. Negatives occur when a check writer has an uncollected check with the provider and has not made payment arrangements.
  • Within 10 seconds an approval or declination is received.
  • Upon approval, conversion has already occured, and the check is sent to the service provider for imaging.
  • The customer signs a receipt like that of a Credit Card. This receipt contains the necessary legal disclaimers and notifications needed for the conversion process.
  • Funds typically arrive in merchants bank account within 24 hours.
  • The customers bank statement shows the retailer’s name, check number, and the amount of the “check”.


  • 100% of check amount is guaranteed.
  • Automated check acceptance.
  • Funds are “good” as soon as received in account.
  • No per item fees from your bank (in most cases).
  • Return check fees normally do not apply to electronic items.
  • No time-consuming deposit slips.
  • No trips to the bank just to deposit checks.
  • 100% pay out on closed accounts.
  • No risk of accepting a non-MICR counterfeit check.
  • As low as .55% + $.15 transaction fee.