Lawn & Garden Dealers Association is proud to offer this new program to its members. We have created this program to give you a professional yet economical way to develop a web presence.

For most small business owners the question is not “Do I get on the net or not?” The questions are more like:

  • How do we get a web site?
  • Where do we put our web site?
  • What do we want it to accomplish?
  • How big should it be?

The Lawn & Garden Dealers Association has teamed up with Dynamic Payment Solutions to provide you with all the tools you need to sell online. Each package listed below provides a different group of solutions. Read each description and choose the package which meets your needs.

Merchant Account:
Gateway Account:
Merchant Account / Shopping Cart                 X                 X                 X
Store Builder / Merchant Account                 X                X              X  
Shopping Cart                      X


If you want to turn a website into an ecommerce store this is the solution for you. This solution provides:

  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway
  • Shopping Cart

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This solution provides a perfect combination for getting started selling online or upgrading your current solution. You receive:

  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway
  • Store Builder

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If you already have a website, then this solution fits you. An industry leading shopping card is provided by CartManager. With this add-on shopping cart solution, you can turn your current website into a money-making ecommerce site.

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